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The Sufi House in Sydney

The Nimatullahi Sufi Order is a spiritual discipline dedicated to the selfless service and love of all human beings. The foundation of our spiritual endeavors rests upon the practice of ceaselessly remembering God in thought, word and deed. Our guiding principles are firmly rooted in the tradition of chivalry (futuwwa in Arabic and javanmardi in Persian) in the Middle East, where relations among members of society were based on selfless service and consideration of others first and foremost.

Under the guidance and initiative of the late Dr Javad Nurbakhsh, the master of the Nimatullahi Order, the order has established charitable projects at each of its Sufi centers around the world to help address the social and economic needs of our respective communities.

The Sydney Sufi House is reopening 11 March 2021.

The Sufi House in Sydney has been closed due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

But the Sufi House is reopening with the required COVID-19 safe plan.
- Everyone attending will be required to sign in using the QR code. Please download the Service NSW app which By scanning the QR code, it will take you to a registration page that allows you to register your entry to the khaniqah easily.

- To meet Social Distancing requirements, please ensure 1.5m physical distance from others while sitting, and 2 square meter safe distance per person in all areas.

- Although wearing mask is not mandatory, please wear one if possible and you feel comfortable to do so.

- Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of illness.

- Hand washes, disposable paper towel, hand sanitiser and disposable tea cups are provided for your safety.




House of Sufism - Balmain, Sydney Australia.
For an appointment phone (02) 9555 7546 - Email: info@sufism.com.au

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