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Khaniqahi Nimatullahi Publications

Sufism as practiced in the Nimatullahi order emphasizes practical expression, removed from doctrine and dogmas. Khaniqah Nimatullahi Publications presents works that illuminate the Reality experienced by the great Sufis on the path of Love, in accordance with the capacity and interests of the reader. Many works published under KNP are English translations from the original Persian by Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh. Present are the insights and commentaries of the masters, frequently drawn from sources otherwise unavailable.

SUFI Journal

SUFI is a semi-annual journal for those seeking to understand the key messages of Sufism and devoted to the study of mysticism in all its aspects.

Books and Journals are available through the Sydney Sufi House, and online at www.nimatullahi.org/publications



House of Sufism - Balmain, Sydney Australia.
For an appointment phone (02) 9555 7546 - Email: info@sufism.com.au